Starting an Agreement and Fees

How to enter into an Agreement

There are two major ways to enter into an agreement.

"License" is a term used when intending to enter into a lease agreement for an item to lease out or rent.
 Restrictions are imposed upon the use of an item by a user who has obtained a license.
 Options include executing an agreement for an exclusive or a nonexclusive license.
 Moreover, a company intending to translate and sell material in China may obtain a license of use.
*The license will be for the copyright and not for the work itself.

"Assignment" is a term used when intending to execute a sales agreement to sell or buy an item.
 The assignee (buyer) then becomes the copyright owner and is permitted to use the item without any restriction and may license said item to others.
 The assignor (seller) loses his/her/its right of assignment.

 Basically, one agreement is executed per use.
 One agreement is not typically executed for media that differ in nature, such as using publishing rights to distribute a book, a DVD, and a smartphone message simultaneously.
 Media franchise must be stipulated when purchasing the right to the contents of a given piece.


  1. Register using "have material contents to lease or sell" "have material contents to rent or purchase" or fill in the contact form directly.
  2. Reply by email will arrive after screening.
  3. After executing an intermediary agreement between our company and your company and then negotiate the conditions of your company and the current copyright holder.
  4. Execute a license or assignment agreement between both companies.
    *The agreement will be executed between two companies (or more than two if co-owners exist).



Intermediation mobilization fee at the time of the intermediate agreement      (US$1,000-)
Intermediation reward fee at the time of license or assignment agreement    (20% of minimum guarantee or sales price)
Total    (US$1,000+20% of minimum guarantee or sales price)

1) If overseas business trips are needed, we may ask for advance payment of the actual expenses
    (transportation fee, accommodation, per diem, overseas insurance and other charges needed on-site).
2)We may ask for translation and agreement format expenses, if needed.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Any and all of the contents of information and the like that we present is necessary to the obtaining of a license of use or the assignment of the contents of a given work and is declared to the copyright holder.

We offer no guarantees toward the accuracy of said information, so we ask our clients to make themselves aware of the risks that exist and to take responsibility for their decisions.

Also, please be aware that we bear no responsibility whatsoever for any and all situations pertaining to the material's contents arising after an agreement is executed.

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