About Contents Reproduce

Contents Reproduce offers its clients the keys of media franchise and reproduce so important today to the material contents business.

The production of manga, novels, animation, games, films and dramas from scratch demands a tremendous amount of work and is costly (both in terms of time and budget), which inevitably carries high risk.

Furthermore the contents of most materials tend to disappear even before reaching readers, viewers or game players.

One possible reason is that these contents lack impact. However, other elements, such as falling behind a trend or failed promotional efforts, etc. could also be to blame.

Because such circumstances do exist, Contents Reproduce looks for material contents that are waiting to expand media franchises and/or be reproduced, and matches the copyright holders with parties seeking to acquire contents for licensing or the assignment of copyrights.

Using the Contents Reproduce website enables our clients to expand media franchise (or multi-use) opportunities and/or reproduce for the material that the copyright holders own as well as lessen the risk faced by those parties seeking to acquire the contents. We provide agent services that enable free and smooth business using this website, making each transaction as transparent as possible.

Contents Reproduce will revive forgotten material by bringing it back to the eyes of mass audiences. We aspire to satisfy both people and companies who create the material as well as those who expand media franchises and reproduce it.

What is 'Contents Reproduce'?

Contents Reproduce services consist of matching the copyright holders who are able to lease or sell the materials' contents to the parties intending to rent or purchase the contents, essentially engaging in the the Media Frachising and Reproducing.
*Contents handled through this site are the final products of digital creation;manga, novels, animation, games, films and dramas.
The primary targets are copyright holders with strong sales performances who have material that has recycle potential or is scheduled to be sold in the future.

Issues for Contents Industries

Here are the comments of the interview survey.

issues for contents holders

issues for contents takers

Contents Reproduce finds a way to settle the respective problems.   


Using the Contents Reproduce Website


This website connects the contents copyright holders intending to lease or sell material and contents producers or distributors who intend to rent and purchase the contents.
・Contents reproduce will assemble many individual and corporate copyright holders with an interest in overseas markets so that the client is able to purchase copyrights to contents under optimal conditions
・Contents Reproduce enables companies to acquire and sell copyrights without divulging corporate and sales information.
・Contents Reproduce taps into extensive experience and expertise in order to spread the range of media franchise options of the contents.

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